How do I pay?2018-07-15T11:44:52+00:00

For any materials, and pickups, you will pay by card at checkout, using our online platform. For monthly storage, we will e-mail you a monthly invoice, that you can pay using our online platform.

Where are my items stored?2018-07-15T11:43:19+00:00

Your items are stored in a special, secured warehouse facility in Tbilisi, Georgia.

How does the pricing work?2018-07-15T11:42:54+00:00

We charge for storage, for transportation, and for the purchase of our special bins. Please see our Products and Services page for more details.

What if my items are damaged?2018-07-15T11:42:02+00:00

Our standard bins are sturdy, and items inside will not be damaged, if packaged properly. For non-standard items, we take pictures when we pick up the items, to document their condition, and if anything is damaged during or after the pickup, we reimburse any reasonable damage.

How is the safety of my items guaranteed?2018-07-15T11:41:18+00:00

Our facility is a secured facility, to which only authorized staff members have access. We have 24-hour live security,  motion control systems, CCTV, smoke detection systems, break-in detectors and electronic access control.